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Pitchfork (Sunday) 2014

The three day festival in Chicago that attracts thousands of music lovers from all over the country, features genres of music such as indie rock, hip-hop, and electronica, Pitchfork 2014 did not disappoint.

I chose to join the madness Sunday out of the weekend to see some of my all time favorite artists Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q and Real Estate.

Planning the perfect outfit well in advance is unarguably one of the best parts of going to a summer music fest!

Here is what I chose below.


fanny pack


Crop Top: Rue 21

Shorts: High-waisted, Hollister

Sandals: Ebay

Earrings & Ring: Wet Seal

Fanny Pack: Greenfields

Flower headband: Wet Seal

Let’s take a look at some of the best trends most prominent among the many bohemian festival goers…

“Odd Future” tank tops dedicated to Earl Sweatshirt were infinite throughout the mass crowds


Fisherman hats in all colors and patterns…


p (1)


It’s no secret that the infamous Chuck Taylor’s have made a well-established comeback, but only a few could be found with unique designs




p (2)


Tribal shirts and Men’s Chinos found in an array of pastel colors were all the craze





As well as the classic tropical… (insert whimsical pattern here)… button down shirts




Some of the most memorable moments was when Grimes played “Genesis” and “Oblivion”, two of her top hits from the album “Visions (2012)”. The feeling was hypnagogic as I closed my eyes to let every note sink into my whole being. Any frequent festival goer can relate that there is no better feeling than hearing one of your favorite songs performed live…especially in a summer laid-back ambiance known as Union Park in Chicago surrounded by people with the same musical devotion.

Grimes performing below.


The crowd was previously more hype as people were being violently pushed from side to side as Earl Sweatshirt dominated the stage with songs like “VCR” and (my personal favorite) “WHOA”.

Earl Sweatshirt performing below as Pitchfork workers attempt to control the rambunctious crowd.



Other performers that attracted the biggest turn out was DJ Spinn, Slowdive and DIIV.


Oh yes, this will be going down as a top event of summer 2014.



The Lord Parties too Hard in the Hamptons

Scott Disick (also known as Lord Disick), 31, began binge drinking at a night club in South Hamptons on June 22.

Disick was so belligerent he claimed that he “felt someone had drugged him.” As buddies recall him barely being able to put a sentence together.

Once he was taken to the ER at Southampton Hospital, where he was tested for drugs, doctors concluded it was alcohol poisoning.

The incident happened days after Kourtney threw Scott out of their Hamptons rental.

Kourtney took the kids to California to celebrate Kim’s baby North West’s birthday, on the same day Scott was hospitalized.

Scott seems to be showing remorse for his behavior, as it is claimed that he has not had a drink since.

He is currently getting counseling from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., the minister who married Kim and Kanye.

Hopefully he can finally put his drinking charades to an end…who could forget the season 4 episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” where Scott (after having too much to drink) infamously shoves a $100 into a waiters mouth while out to dinner with the Kardashian clan…maybe this ER trip was the wake up call that he needed.

Selena Gomez’s LATEST Tattoo…check out its meaning!

Selena just posted a picture on Instagram of her newest tattoo, (this one is rumored to be her fifth or sixth)!

It is a quote in Arabic that says: “Love Yourself First” on the upper right side of Selena’s back.


After her short period in rehab and painful breakup with Justin Bieber, the quote seems fitting as Selena shines a more positive light on this new chapter of her life.

She had the quote done while visiting NYC, by tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy, who has also inked up Rihanna, Chris Brown, and ex Justin Bieber.

Her picture was captioned: “Art by @bangbangnyc-from my first tattoo to my last. It’s always this fool.”

Bang Bang revealed that the tattoo is about four inches long and took about 30-45 minutes. They played around with it a bit until they found the perfect spot. He says that she has been wanting it for a while.

Sooo…what DID Selena think of her new tattoo?

Reportedly Bang Bang said: “She loved it; she flipped out!”

He also said that they discussed plans for her next tattoo.

You go girl! What a powerful meaning and can’t wait to see what she will get next!


City Girl Goes Hiking

Five friends…a cooler and several duffel bags stuffed in the truck of an SUV…mine well-over 10 pounds (packing light has always been a challenge)…we were ready to leave Chicago to embark on a two hour drive to Starved Rock Camping Site, where we would be staying for two days.

It started off as a absolutely gorgeous day. Eighty degrees and not a cloud in the sky, I look over to my right as I catch a glimpse of my friend Katie sticking her head out the window. As her bright red hair was blowing in the wind, I could tell that she was in complete euphoria. Katie has a very free-spirited personality and she has shared with me moments in her life where she has experienced “spiritual moments”. I could only hope that I would have some of these moments myself in life, where everything just makes sense and my purpose and the world around me becomes completely clear. But if I want it to happen, I cannot be expecting it.

Blasting 80’s hip-hop group De La Soul’s “Eye Know”, the mellow vibe of the car ride affected everyone as we all started to have a little heart-to-heart on what we wanted to get out of our hiking adventure.

I shared with the group that this was, in fact, my first hiking trip. I hoped to have a new appreciation for nature. I want a chance to try everything at least once in my life. I love the idea of being open to anything our world has to offer. Before I decided that I wanted to go on the trip, or had this outlook on life, I always thought of camping like this: BUGS (especially mosquitos), boring (looking at trees, shrubs, and bushes didn’t particularly interest me), and no bathroom. The closest I have ever been to “nature” was the beach.

Recently I have been starting to discover my adventurous side, so I longed to fulfill this by tree climbing, crawling on rocks, swimming in lakes, soaking under a waterfall, and exploring caves.

Our first stop was Mathiessen Trail.


And my god, was it one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

standing on log

After navigating out of a zig-zag path through two mini caves, we were greeted by families dispersed over a beach, at the end laid a small pond that led to the breath-taking waterfall that I had imagined…only better. Sunlight hit the water as it dripped down the cliff, people used the rocks below as a slide to go down and be splashed. Laughter echoed around me and smiling people passing by waved, warmly greeting me. Everyone seemed to be sharing the same feeling of inner peace, acceptance, and love for humanity

As I was taking in paradise, I could barely get my gym shoes off fast enough to join in on the fun.

Mina, Micheal and I swam through the pond as Katie and Carlos stayed back. We pulled ourselves up onto the rocks, slowly balancing on them with each step, approaching the point where the “slide” was established.

When it was finally my turn, I sat under the waterfall for a few moments, leaned my neck back, and let the clean, cold water hit my face. The rush I felt as I went down the slide was easily the best moment of the trip.

On our second day, our next escapade was Buffalo Rock.

We didn’t spend as much time on this trail as we would have liked, but that still did not take away its beauty.


trail (1)

katie trail

tree (1)

katie's shoes

As our trip came to an end, it was time to start heading out.

A few things I learned during my experience:

1. Appreciate your world around you- whatever is troubling you in your life will seem small compared to the immense surrounding of the forest. It is a place of escape.

2. Be grateful for the small moments in life- be thankful of those around you. Your family and friends are a gift from god. Everyone you meet in life no matter how short the encounter will impact you in some way. Whether that meeting is positive or negative is determined solely by your attitude.

I would recommend Starved Rock State Park, Illinois to anyone looking for a good time with family or friends who are passionate about the outdoors or simply looking for a new adventure.

I did experience a “spiritual moment” because I allowed myself to step outside my comfort zone and experience nature for the first time.

On the drive home, I knew I had gotten everything that I had wanted out of my personal journey.

Heather’s: The Musical…An Off-Broadway Play that’s Right-On.

Like so many theatrical productions based on movies, I was not sure if this was going to capture the classic 80’s film in all its perverted glory.

This musical did exactly that.

Filled with raunchy jokes throughout it followed the movie chronologically keeping in all the key points that surely did not disappoint fans such as myself. Jessica Wynn who played Heather Chandler was spot on as the domineering and bitchy leader of the Heathers.  When she is poisoned and dies most of the audience is happy to see her go.

Songs such as “My Dead Gay Son” , “Blue” and “Seventeen” not only had the audience laughing but also stomping their feet and singing along.

The musical is something that any one who went to high school in America can relate to: high school cliques, seeing where you fit into the chaos, backstabbing friends, sexual peer pressure, first love and tough family issues; Jason Dean’s character mother’s suicide, the effects of which are so well portrayed by Dave Thomas Brown that you can feel his repressed anger washing over the audience.

To be sure Heather’s is a dark comedy but it has much to say about real issues that effect all high school kids. Let’s hope that between the laughs the message that conforming to a group and abandoning your own personality only leads to trouble.

Christian Slater and Winona Ryder would be proud.

See it if you’re in New York.








All my life..I’ve wondered what the price of boredom was….now I know that it is exactly $50…which is what they charge for the TMZ bus tour in NYC.

Not only is this tour enough to put you to sleep, but the only celebrity I saw was myself in the mirror when I was fixing my lip gloss..

The tour features such highlights as a restaurant where seth rogan once ate a salad and a street corner where Jennifer Lopez once broke her shoe lace.

One of the more exciting points on the tour is when we played “celebrity or homeless person”…to no one’s surprise Samuel L. Jackson was both.

If this is the best that TMZ can do they should stick to television.

Save yourself the $50…if you wanna see celebrities just buy People Magazine.

P.S. If you choose not to listen to me and waste your money on this tour…don’t use the bus bathroom. It smelled like Lindsay Lohan’s breath after a three day drinking binge.