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Heather’s: The Musical…An Off-Broadway Play that’s Right-On.

Like so many theatrical productions based on movies, I was not sure if this was going to capture the classic 80’s film in all its perverted glory.

This musical did exactly that.

Filled with raunchy jokes throughout it followed the movie chronologically keeping in all the key points that surely did not disappoint fans such as myself. Jessica Wynn who played Heather Chandler was spot on as the domineering and bitchy leader of the Heathers.  When she is poisoned and dies most of the audience is happy to see her go.

Songs such as “My Dead Gay Son” , “Blue” and “Seventeen” not only had the audience laughing but also stomping their feet and singing along.

The musical is something that any one who went to high school in America can relate to: high school cliques, seeing where you fit into the chaos, backstabbing friends, sexual peer pressure, first love and tough family issues; Jason Dean’s character mother’s suicide, the effects of which are so well portrayed by Dave Thomas Brown that you can feel his repressed anger washing over the audience.

To be sure Heather’s is a dark comedy but it has much to say about real issues that effect all high school kids. Let’s hope that between the laughs the message that conforming to a group and abandoning your own personality only leads to trouble.

Christian Slater and Winona Ryder would be proud.

See it if you’re in New York.









All my life..I’ve wondered what the price of boredom was….now I know that it is exactly $50…which is what they charge for the TMZ bus tour in NYC.

Not only is this tour enough to put you to sleep, but the only celebrity I saw was myself in the mirror when I was fixing my lip gloss..

The tour features such highlights as a restaurant where seth rogan once ate a salad and a street corner where Jennifer Lopez once broke her shoe lace.

One of the more exciting points on the tour is when we played “celebrity or homeless person”…to no one’s surprise Samuel L. Jackson was both.

If this is the best that TMZ can do they should stick to television.

Save yourself the $50…if you wanna see celebrities just buy People Magazine.

P.S. If you choose not to listen to me and waste your money on this tour…don’t use the bus bathroom. It smelled like Lindsay Lohan’s breath after a three day drinking binge.